Bandai 1/32 Imaginary Skeleton Mosasaurus 65428
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Brand Bandai
Size (L x W x H) 31 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm
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Brand: Bandai

Scale: 1/32

Item Code: 65428

Series:  Imaginary Skeleton series



Additional Information

From the Imaginary Skeleton series, which imagines "life" from the ancient memory of "fossils", "Mosasaurus" has appeared as the third full-scale skeleton model!

■Approximately 350mm in total length. A fixed skeletal model that captures the moment of Mosasaurus' natural movement based on the latest biological theory.
■Details on the whole body and lively poses that combine science and modeling beauty. You can feel the "life" of dinosaurs while assembling.
-Faithfully reproduces the complex details of the skull, such as the scleral ring that protects the eyeball from water pressure and the mandibular joint that makes it easier to swallow prey.
■Reproduce the special teeth of the upper jaw, which are arranged in two rows to indicate that they are close friends to snakes.
■Reproduce the sophisticated shape of the ribs and ribcage, which seems to have explored the ultimate compromise between water pressure resistance and light movement.
■Reproduce the details of specialized fin-like extremities with more joints, allowing them to flexibly scratch water.
■As a mark during assembly, a concave mold is engraved in the center of the spine, which has a similar shape.
■The pedestal faithfully reproduces marine life such as ammonites and rudists (special cup-shaped bivalves) that lived in the same area at the same time as the mosasaurus.
■Comes with a separate commentary booklet supervised by Kyoichi Tomita, a reptile and dinosaur researcher.

■Instruction manual x 1
■Commentary booklet x 1
■Exclusive pedestal x 1




What's in the box

1 x Bandai 1/32 Imaginary Skeleton Mosasaurus

Gpaint by Studio G
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Use straight out of the bottle
Scratch Resistance
Pre thinned paint and optimized for airbrush paint as well as hand painting
Primary & Metallic Series
Total of 8 colors
65ML (Good for 3-4 kits)