Paint Tamiya Color Enamel Paints X17 - X34
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Brand Tamiya
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Product Description

Brand: Tamiya

Volume: 10ml


1. Enamel Black X1
2. Enamel White X2
3. Enamel Royal Blue X3
4. Enamel Blue X4
5. Enamel Green X5
6. Enamel Orange X6
7. Enamel Red X7
8. Enamel Lemon Yellow X8
9. Enamel Brown X9
10. Enamel Gun Metal X10
11. Enamel Chrome Silver X11
12. Enamel Gold Leaf X12
13. Enamel Metallic Blue X13
14. Enamel Sky Blue X14
15. Enamel Light Green X15
16. Enamel Purple X16
17. Enamel Pink X17
18. Enamel Semi Gloss Black X18
19. Enamel Smoke X19
20. Enamel Thinner X20
21. Enamel Flat Base X21
22. Enamel Clear X22
23. Enamel Clear Blue X23
24. Enamel Clear Yellow X24
25. Enamel Clear Green X25
26. Enamel Clear Orange X26
27. Enamel Clear Red X27
28. Enamel Park Green X28
29. Enamel Titanium Gold X31
30. Enamel Titanium Silver X32
31. Enamel Bronze X33
32. Enamel Metallic Brown X34

Additional Information

  • Tamiya Color Enamel Paints are used for brush or spray painting
  • It can be applied to almost any surface of wood, metal or plastic. 
  • When spray painting enamels, best results are achieved with ratio 2:10 for thinner and paints.
  • Never apply lacquer over enamel paints.

What's in the box

1 x Paint Tamiya Color Enamel Paints X1 - X34 (Only one unit)