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Paint Mr Hobby Softer / Setter / Cement / Putty Series / Masking Sol
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Product Description

Brand: Mr Hobby


  • TMS231-Tool Mr Mark Softer 40ml
  • TMS232-Tool Mr Mark Setter 40ml
  • MC127-Tool Mr Cement Deluxe 40ml
  • MC124-Tool Mr Cement Deluxe 25ml
  • MC129-Tool Mr Cement S 40ml
  • MC131-Tool Mr Cement SP 40ml
  • MC132-Tool Mr Cement SPB Black 40ml
  • P118-Tool Mr White Putty 30g
  • P123-Tool Mr White Putty R (Low Viscosity) 30g
  • P119-Tool Mr Dissolved Putty 40ml
  • P130-Tool Mr UV Clear Putty 10g
  • M132-Tool Mr Masking Sol Neo 20g
  • M133-Tool Mr Masking Sol R 20g
  • T114-Mr. Paint Remover 40ml
  • T105-Tool Mr Retarded Mild 40ml

*Kindly note that each product is sold separately.


Additional Information

  1. Mr. Mark Softer
  • It acts as softening agent for slidemarks/water decals. It helps to adhere slidemarks to curved surfaces.
  1. Mr. Mark Setter
  • It provides greater adhesiveness by using it together with Mr. Mark Softer.
  1. Mr. Dissolved Putty
  • It is a highly effective liquid sealant putty which helps sealing up parts or smaller gaps.
  1. Mr. White Putty
  • It is a standard white putty for bigger gaps.
  1. Mr. Cement SP
  • It is a stronger and thinner solvent glue which helps to assemble or adhere model parts where any evidence of gluing is unwanted.
  1. Mr. Cement S
  • It helps to attach parts together by pouring it into the space between them.
  1. Mr. Cement Deluxe
  • It is appropriate for attachment between plastic parts in models i.e. sterol resin plastics.
  1. Mr. Masking Sol R
  • It is a Masking Fluid. It can be used to make your own masks by applying it on the paint surface and cut off the excess parts with a design knife.
  1. Mr. Paint Remover
  • It is used when repainting or removing paint with Mr. Color, Aqueous Hobby Color and with PVC figures.
  • It is formulated not to greatly affect the work surface, however it is recommended to test on small part before use.
  • Use it on cloth, brush or cotton and gently rub over the paint surface.
  1. Mr. Retarded Mild
  • It is used when temperature is high and Mr. Color dries too quickly.
  • Adding to Mr. Color by 10% or less reduces the drying speed of it.
  • It also help to prevent uneven and unsmooth brushing.
  • It may not be used for Aqueous Hobby Color.
  1. Mr White Putty R
  • Low viscosity version of Mr. White Putty. Since its viscosity has been lowered, it is easier to apply to a small area compared with the existing product. After it has hardened, it provides a smooth cutting quality close to the plastic model material.
  1. Mr Masking Sol Neo
  • This remains elastic rubber even after drying and is suitable for masking in a wide area. Dried film cannot be cut with a design knife. It is water-soluble.


  1. Mr UV Clear Putty P130
  • A transparent UV curing putty that can be mixed with water-based hobby colors.
  • Mr. UV curable clear putty with high transparency, high viscosity, and strong adhesion that is versatile and easy to use for models, hobbies, and crafts.
  • [Product Features]
    • High transparency. The tackiness (stickiness) after curing is also designed to be low.
    • It is viscous and can be thickened.
    • It has high adhesiveness, and once it is put on the hardened UV putty and hardened, it will not peel off easily from the place where it is held, so you can create a thick object by piling up several times and hardening it.
    • It can also be used like a jewel seal by spreading it on a foil seal and curing and bonding it
  • Product series: UV curable putty (transparent)
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • *For curing, use sunlight or a commercially available UV light.
    * Please use commercially available UV light.



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What's in the box

1 x Paint Mr Hobby Softer / Setter / Cement / Putty Series (Only one unit item)

Gpaint by Studio G
Primerless Lacquer Model Paint
Use straight out of the bottle
Scratch Resistance
Pre thinned paint and optimized for airbrush paint as well as hand painting
Primary & Metallic Series
Total of 8 colors
65ML (Good for 3-4 kits)