The Chaotic Era 1/100 Galaxy Assembly Model Kit (Inner Frame with Metal Parts) 乱纪元 银河
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Size (L x W x H) 44 cm x 34 cm x 10 cm
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Product Description

Brand: The Chaotic Era (TCE)  乱纪元

Grade: 1/100

Box Size (L x W x H): 44cm x 34cm x 10cm

Product Height: 18cm approx.



Additional Information

  • The product is equipped with alloy pre-assembled joints and is a combination of alloy and POM.
  • The design of each joint structure is also very thoughtful, with multiple joints throughout the body which have a linkage effect and provides high mobility.
  • The product's backpack wings have multiple segmented joints, allowing for freely adjustable poses.
  • The product is assembled with six floating blade components, which can be displayed in various effects with the help of a transparent stand.
  • The floating blade can be combined into a spear shape, both single-headed and double-headed, with a metal handle.
  • The backpack has 2 changing modes that allows modellers to change to their preference mode.
  • The mouth and breastplate can be replaced with red parts according to preference. The eyes are transparent, and they are basically invisible under the cover of the helmet
  • The action base has storage function, capable of storing accessories.
  • Contents:
    • Main Body x 1
    • Inner frame with metal parts
    • Backpack
    • Fin Funnel x 2 (can be disassembled into 6 floating blades)
    • Connection Rod x 2
    • Fin Funnel Clear Stand x 6
    • Replacement Hands x 4
    • Beam Saber x 2
    • Rifle x 2
    • Alloy Weapon Rod x 1
    • Action Base x 1
    • Water Decal


  • 产品配有合金预组装关节,并且是合金+POM的组合。
  • 全身多处关节带有联动效果,可动性高。
  • 产品背包机翼带有多段关节,可任意摆出造型。
  • 产品装配有6枚浮游刃组件,可配合透明支架展示多种效果。
  • 浮游刃可组合成长矛形态,单头&双头均可实现,并且握柄为金属材质。
  • 地台带有收纳功能,可以收纳配件。
  • 全配件一览
    • 银河本体×1
    • 飞行背包
    • 浮游炮×2(可拆成6枚浮游刃)
    • 武器连接杆×2
    • 浮游炮支架×6
    • 替换造型手×4组
    • 光束剑×2
    • 步枪×2 (其中一把确实瞄准镜透明零件)
    • 合金武器杆×1
    • 地台支架×1
    • 水贴





What's in the box

1 x The Chaotic Era 1/100 Galaxy Assembly Model Kit (with Metal Parts)

Gpaint by Studio G
Primerless Lacquer Model Paint
Use straight out of the bottle
Scratch Resistance
Pre thinned paint and optimized for airbrush paint as well as hand painting
Primary & Metallic Series
Total of 8 colors
65ML (Good for 3-4 kits)