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[OMGPO Q1 2024] Vientiane Fusion 1/100 Apocalypse Model Kit (with Metal Inner Frame) / Expansion Pack - White Phoenix (Available in Quarter 1 2024)
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Product Description 

Brand: Vientiane Fusion

Grade: 1/100

Box Size (L x W x H)cm x cm x cm

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*Note that Apocalypss Model Kit and Apocalypss Expansion - White Phoenix is sold separately, it does not come together as set.


Additional Information

  1. Vientiane Fusion 1/100 Apocalypse Model Kit (with Metal Inner Frame)
  • Height : approximately 20cm
  • Comes with metal inner frame
  • First batch premium - extra 2 pieces of backpack fin funnel
  • *Note: in order to create the 16 pcs backpack fin funnel and form a round shape as shown in picture, builder need to get Expansion Pack - White Phoenix (sold separately)
  • Contents:
    • Main Body
    • Backpack Fin Funnel x 8
    • Trident x 2


  • 首批特典会赠送2根羽翼方便玩家作为武器替换使用
  • 天启 (爆发形态)
    • 天启爆发形态,背后所有的羽翼全部脱离本体,可分成两段,前段为飞刃,后段为僚机发射光束炮,背后背包替换透明件,变为光轮.
  • 天启(骨架介绍)
    • 第一层骨架   使用pom+锌合金+abs,灰色为锌合金,深蓝色为pom,浅蓝色为abs,提升关节强度以及耐磨性.
    • 第二层骨架   提升机械细节透明件以及大腿爆甲结构.
  • 天启 (地台)
    • 地台设计带有收纳功能,收纳处做了盖板,也可插上明信片,并且后续机体也可连成一排,或者大地台(需要四个地台)


  1. Vientiane Fusion 1/100 Apocalypse Expansion Pack - White Phoenix
  • Contents:
    • Apocalypss Backpack x 1
    • Apocalypss Shield x 1
    • Backpack Fin Funnel x 8
    • Phoenix's Tail x 3
    • Sword Enhancer x 2
    • Apocalypss's Reinforced Antenna x 1 
    • Connector x 2
    • Phoenix Display Base x 1



  • Apocalypse Model Kit (with Metal Inner Frame)



Apocalypse Expansion Part - White Phoenix


  • Apocalypss Model Kit (with Metal Inner Frame) + Expansion Part - White Phoenix

What's in the box

1 x Vientiane Fusion 1/100 Apocalypse Model Kit (with Metal Inner Frame) / Expansion Pack - White Phoenix 

Gpaint by Studio G
Primerless Lacquer Model Paint
Use straight out of the bottle
Scratch Resistance
Pre thinned paint and optimized for airbrush paint as well as hand painting
Primary & Metallic Series
Total of 8 colors
65ML (Good for 3-4 kits)